Redlands, CA
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our services

  • » Personalized service with scheduled appointments
  • » Imported livestock from around the world
  • » Restoration and repair and upgrades
  • » Diagnosing and medicating of fish diseases
  • » Training on feeding procedures and methods
  • » References available for commercial or residential clients

  • Routine Service Visits

  • » Clean exterior and interior of aquarium surface
  • » Change chemical filtration media
  • » Clean or replace filter pads
  • » Empty Protein Skimmer collection cup
  • » Clean covers and light fixtures of algae and salt deposits
  • » Check inventory of food
  • » Water quality testing
  • » Water changes
  • » Hydro vacuum the substrate
  • » Update tank decor on regular basis
  • » Adding beneficial bacteria and supplements as needed
  • » Major repairs will be made within 24 hours
  • Maintenance information

    We service a wide range of water features:

  • » Commercial
  • » Residential
  • » Saltwater Fish Tank
  • » Saltwater Reef Tank
  • » Freshwater Aquariums

  • We are one of the best aquarium maintenance companies in Southern California. We are professional, reliable and experienced. Our prices are reasonable and fair. From the first visit on, you will be amazed at how we have transformed your aquarium!

    We customize each service account based upon the size of your aquarium, what kind of filtration you have, your live stock & other environmental factors. We provide decorations and switch them on a regular basis. This keeps your tank looking fresh and new all the time. If you follow our advice and recommendations- your tank will stay clean, clear and amazing all the time.

    I am amazed at what people will settle for, especially when other so-called professionals have been servicing their fish tanks. A stinky tank covered in algae, with lack-luster decorations is not acceptable on any level!

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