Redlands, CA
Ron The Fish Guy Service Page

our services

  • » Personalized service with scheduled appointments
  • » Farm raised livestock
  • » Restoration and repair or upgrades
  • » Diagnosing and medicating of fish diseases
  • » Training on feeding procedures and methods

  • Routine Service Visits

  • » Cleaning the pre-filters and rinsing filter pads
  • » Removing excess debris and dead plant matter. (Trash if Warranted - Usually Commercial Applications)
  • » Inspecting the pond equipment for proper function and making adjustments as needed.
  • » Regularly observe or inspect fish for signs of distress and disease.
  • » Water quality testing
  • » Water changes or back-flushing the filters/li>
  • » Adding bacteria or other agents as needed.
  • » Cutting Back & Thinning Aquatic Plants
  • Maintenance information

    We service a wide range of water features:

  • » Residential
  • » Commercial
  • » Traditional Koi Ponds
  • » Hybrid Traditional Koi/Water Garden Style Water Features
  • » Water Gardens
  • » Commercial Fountains

    We’ve seen it all over the years; in fact nothing surprises us. It saddens me to think of all the people who were left stranded after their ponds were installed. The installer received his money and was ‘outta there’! Many folks have been falsely sold on the concept of a no/low maintenance pond. After about a year or two many customers find themselves at a loss, dumping all kinds of additives in the water, trying to get a handle on algae or fish disease. We take the guess work out of it.

    Other people are just busy living life: work, kids, sports, family, pets, etc. You installed your water feature to enhance your life - allow us to do the dirty work.

    Service visits vary greatly- there are several factors that determine what your water feature needs to keep it clean, clear and healthy. Our prices are fair and we do an excellent job.

    Call for a consultation today! Allow us to assist you and provide you with peace of mind.

    Aquatic Livestock

    We have gone to great lengths to educate ourselves in the realm of "fish-husbandry" and "fish-doctoring." Our customers can rest assured that we are capable of diagnosing fish disease and specifically targeting the problem. Generally we find people doing blanket treatments, with multiple agents, to try and solve the problem. We take the guess work out of it, thus saving you time and money.